Answering the XenMobile Question: Do I need a NetScaler?

So I see this question from clients who have been exploring the XenMobile suite..and sometimes the answer comes as a surprise, sometimes not. So I thought I would lay it out here because I couldn’t find a clear answer out there, so I know the average Citrix Admin can’t either.

Short answer: Yes

Long answer: Maybe…lets explore..

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How To: XenMobile MDM 8.5 Deployment Part 5: Deployment Packages

In the last part of my series (Applications) we went over how to package external apps for distribution either via push or offering in our EAS (Enterprise App Store). We can’t wrap our own apps without XenMobile App Edition or Enterprise Edition and this series is focusing strictly on Mobile Device Manager or “MDM” version. We are almost to the point now that we can get a device under our control…ALMOST. Our policies are in place, our applications are packaged and prepped, it’s time to put together a “Deployment Package” which is what I will show you how to do in this piece. Continue reading

How To: XenMobile MDM 8.5 Deployment Part 4: Applications

In XenMobile MDM Edition 8.5 we can get applications down to our devices based on a multitude of criteria that we will cover in the “Deployment” part of this series. In this specific article I want to show you how we can bring in and distribute apps to our users via MDM. I should point out that the “MDX Toolkit” that is used to wrap custom, in-house apps is not included in the MDM Edition and is only available in App Edition and Enterprise Edition. The limitations of this are that we can only distribute “External” apps, i.e. apps from the respective platforms App Store (iOS, Google Play, and Windows Phone. Blackberry is out of luck).

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How To: XenMobile MDM 8.5 Deployment Part 3: Policies

In this 3rd part of my 7 part series on XenMobile MDM 8.5 we will focus on policies. Policies within MDM allow you to control a multitude of features on your end users mobile devices, including: WiFi, Email, VPN, Location Services, most all functionality of the device (camera, FaceTime, etc), AppStore access, etc. Most configuration variations you do to control and limit/restrict/configure your end users devices will be done from this tab. This tab is also the location where we can create some automated actions that include notifying your users when they have fallen out of compliance.

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How To: XenMobile MDM 8.5 Deployment Part 1: Installation

In late 2012 Citrix announced they had purchased a 7-year-old startup company called Zenprise that was a hot player in the mobile device security market. Up until that time, Citrix was positioning for that sector with its CloudGateway Enterprise product and focusing mostly on apps and data management..not really the device. Zenprise helped them flesh out their offering, which is now known as “XenMobile”. Although it’s gone through a few iterations it has finally reached a final “form” if you will of three editions: MDM, App, and Enterprise.

The purpose of this article series will be to walk through the installation and basic setup of the MDM (Mobile Device Management) Edition which focuses almost exclusively on managing the device, and not necessarily so much the data or apps. Although it is capable of application pushes and the like… a feature comparison can be found on Citrix’ website HERE. I encourage you to view that. One major difference to note is MDM does not sandbox apps/data, but App Edition does, and Enterprise Edition can.

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