Tips From the Field: XenApp Pre-Launch and StoreFront 2.0

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of years you know what Pre-Launch is in a Citrix XenApp environment. It was, in my opinion, probably one of the best advancements with XenApp in the last couple of releases because it made the largest perceivable impact to the end user..that being the appearance of getting them to their data and apps QUICKER! If you were like me, that was one thing you dearly missed when StoreFront 1.2 came along and we slowly began transitioning from deploying ole’ faithful Web Interface to the snazzy new StoreFront. Well, did you know that pre-launch is back? A lot of people who I speak to don’t realize that it’s finally made its way back with StoreFront 2.0 and you should definitely be implementing it post-haste. One word to the wise though, it doesn’t work with XenDesktop 7 (yet!)..only XenApp 6.5..sorry early adopters.

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Tips From the Field: Office 2013

If you have XenApp, chances are you have Microsoft Office in XenApp..its a popular combination. Well Office 2013 is in full swing and if you want to save time and headache with installing it and wondering “What do I configure?”, this expanded Tips From the Field post is for you.

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How To: NetScaler 10.1 Deployment Part 3: Load Balancing Cont’d.

Continuing from my 2nd of this 5 part my last post  I showed how to load balance your DNS and LDAP. Along that same line we will now load balance a XenApp farm’s XML brokers and StoreFront servers. If you have web interface, I’ll call out where you would do that also but I won’t detail it with screen shots as StoreFront is the de facto standard moving forward now. You can also load balance XenDesktop using a wizard almost identical to the XenApp one and I will call it out also but will not be diving into it with screen shots as they would just be redundant.

As a prerequisite, almost all StoreFront deployments utilize SSL internally (and externally) so the StoreFront servers would be loaded with a certificate. That certificate would need to be exported and then imported into the NetScaler along with its intermediate and root and properly linked. That is beyond the scope of this post but there is a great walkthrough HERE on how to do it.

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Tips From the Field: IBM iSeries Client Access

*Disclaimer – I am not an AS400 guy. I just know this problem in publishing client access via XenApp published applications and this is one way to tackle it.*

If you have an AS400 and are wanting to grant access via Citrix XenApp as a published application, here’s a quick tip on setting up a universal workstation (.ws) file. I’m assuming you use some sort of individual session name on the 400 side so you can identity who is connecting.  Continue reading

Tips From the Field: Google Chrome

If you have a client or you yourself are wanting to install Google Chrome into your Citrix XenApp environment and are struggling with setting it up there are a few tips you should know. In my search these aren’t all readily available and consolidated, they also require some digging to find and sort out so hopefully this post can get you off on the right foot with all the information in one spot. Continue reading