Citrix StoreFront Beacons Explained

Beaconing is one aspect of StoreFront and Receiver that I get asked about frequently. Oddly enough, it’s also one of the few pieces that I get questions on from both clients AND colleagues who are working on understanding them. So this blog post will hopefully help those who may not fully understand beacons by answering these three things: What it is, Why its important, and How it works.

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Tips From the Field: StoreFront 2.0 Users Cannot Contact Store

So ran across this one today.

IF you are using StoreFront 2.0 AND auto-subscribe apps to your users (KEYWORDS:Auto in description) AND you see an event ID of 5 in the Citrix Delivery Services log on one of your StoreFront servers that is failing and the description is “The auto provisioned app with id “FarmName.AppName” has not bee subscribed during the last enumeration.”

Supposedly it manifests around 700+ subscriptions, although I have seen it hit as low as the 500 mark. (Calculate by <users> x <subscribed apps per user>)

This is particularly nasty because it defeats your load balancing even if you have a properly setup NetScaler utilizing StoreFront will keep sending connections to the effected server rendering you with a random and nasty bug.

Screen Shot 2013 09 24 at 10 26 53 AM

To check if this might be your issue go to a StoreFront server that is presenting the Event ID 5 with the above text and open PowerShell, Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted, change to C:\Program Files\Citrix\Receiver StoreFront\Scripts and run .\ImportModules.ps1. Once complete, run a store subscription export by running Export-DSSStoreSubscriptions -StoreName <store> -FilePath c:\blah\subscriptions.csv and then open that CSV and see how many lines you have. If its in the hundreds then you might be effected by this bug.

Open a Citrix Support case and reference SR 61125582 for the private hot fix. Word is this will be included in StoreFront 2.1.

Happy <bug> hunting

Tips From the Field: XenApp Pre-Launch and StoreFront 2.0

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of years you know what Pre-Launch is in a Citrix XenApp environment. It was, in my opinion, probably one of the best advancements with XenApp in the last couple of releases because it made the largest perceivable impact to the end user..that being the appearance of getting them to their data and apps QUICKER! If you were like me, that was one thing you dearly missed when StoreFront 1.2 came along and we slowly began transitioning from deploying ole’ faithful Web Interface to the snazzy new StoreFront. Well, did you know that pre-launch is back? A lot of people who I speak to don’t realize that it’s finally made its way back with StoreFront 2.0 and you should definitely be implementing it post-haste. One word to the wise though, it doesn’t work with XenDesktop 7 (yet!)..only XenApp 6.5..sorry early adopters.

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Tips From the Field: Make Receiver 4.0/StoreFront Behave Like WI/PNAgent

What if you want to mimic PNAgent functionality like the old days? Put the users apps in the start menu and keep the “Receiver” stuff out of their faces so they aren’t even aware of it…well thats what this article will show you.

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Tips From the Field: StoreFront 2.0 and Citrix Receiver Pass Through

Here is another problem that I get asked a lot about, which is configuring Receiver (4.0) for passthrough authentication with StoreFront 2.0. Well if you followed my StoreFront 2.0 “How To” article HERE you will be configured for domain passthrough the only piece you’re missing is configuring your clients.

Its not that hard..and I’ll lay it out here.

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