Tips From the Field: Citrix Receiver (mobile) Connection Error

**UPDATE** This issue has been corrected as of Receiver 5.9 for iOS**

So I’ve been running into this problem now a few times over the past couple of weeks and wanted to get the word out. Apparently the timing is just right and people who put SSL certificates on their NetScaler Gateway, Secure Gateway, or CAG are hitting that refresh cycle and renewing their SSL certificates and a lot of times it appears that went well…UNTIL they test and realize their mobile devices can no longer connect and are getting a generic “Connection Error. Citrix Receiver could not establish connection with the remote host/server”. If this is you..then read on..

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Tips From the Field: Make Receiver 4.0/StoreFront Behave Like WI/PNAgent

What if you want to mimic PNAgent functionality like the old days? Put the users apps in the start menu and keep the “Receiver” stuff out of their faces so they aren’t even aware of it…well thats what this article will show you.

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Tips From the Field: StoreFront 2.0 and Citrix Receiver Pass Through

Here is another problem that I get asked a lot about, which is configuring Receiver (4.0) for passthrough authentication with StoreFront 2.0. Well if you followed my StoreFront 2.0 “How To” article HERE you will be configured for domain passthrough the only piece you’re missing is configuring your clients.

Its not that hard..and I’ll lay it out here.

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