Answering the XenMobile Question: Do I need a NetScaler?

So I see this question from clients who have been exploring the XenMobile suite..and sometimes the answer comes as a surprise, sometimes not. So I thought I would lay it out here because I couldn’t find a clear answer out there, so I know the average Citrix Admin can’t either.

Short answer: Yes

Long answer: Maybe…lets explore..

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The Citrix Support Tool Half of You Don’t Use (but should)

The Citrix Support Tool Half of You Don’t Use (but should)

This is my followup post to a poll I did inquiring about people’s usage of Citrix Tools as a Service (TaaS), also known as Citrix AutoSupport, Citrix Predictive Support, or whatever you care to call it. I was drawn to this subject by a conference call I sat in on with other Citrix partner organizations that had quite a few technical people on the call. Yet, surprisingly, when they did a quick poll about Tools as a Service almost 70% didn’t use it or didn’t know about it. I honestly thought, “This can’t be right”, so I ran a similar Continue reading

Citrix Tools as a Service (TaaS) Usage Poll

I was on an alarming call a couple of weeks ago with quite a few Citrix administrators and consultants who didn’t know or use TaaS. I wanted to conduct my own quick poll and see if my results reflect that small sampling from the call. Please participate and share on your various social networks!

Citrix StoreFront Beacons Explained

Beaconing is one aspect of StoreFront and Receiver that I get asked about frequently. Oddly enough, it’s also one of the few pieces that I get questions on from both clients AND colleagues who are working on understanding them. So this blog post will hopefully help those who may not fully understand beacons by answering these three things: What it is, Why its important, and How it works.

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Must Have Citrix Support Tools

If you run or regularly work with Citrix products like XenApp, XenDesktop, or XenServer (and more..) there are some tools out there that the “pro’s” use, and heck, even internal Citrix support — and they’re all available to the general public. Some history…so back in 2011 Citrix started their TaaS beta (Tools as a Service) with a goal of automating a lot of the support data collection and reporting and making it easier for their clients to troubleshoot issues in their environment. Not all of these roll up into TaaS/AutoSupport, but some of them do, and I’ve even included some that are just unofficial and unsupported scripts but help when troubleshooting various things. This article isn’t meant to be an in-depth deep dive into each product, but rather a high level overview. So hopefully if you weren’t familiar with some or all of these this post will help you…and maybe show you some you weren’t aware of. Continue reading