How To: XenMobile MDM 8.5 Deployment Part 2: Basic Configuration

In they first part of my XenMobile series we covered the (albeit slightly) boring initial install..with this next article we will cover the basic configuration steps that will start inching us closer to actually managing a device. By the end of this article I will have shown how to configure XenMobile MDM for LDAP integration, assign a group for Administration, a regular “Users” group, setup an email notification server to send out your deployment invitations that we’ll be covering in a later article, and some minor details on the Notification Templates..

Before we begin, lets set some pre-requisites. Please configure in Active Directory a group that will be “MDM Administrators” and will have permission to run this environment, also configure a group of fictional users such as “Account Managers” that we will later in the series use as our test users.

If you would like to read the other parts in this article series please go to:

So lets get to it shall we?

Step 1. Navigate to your MDM HTTP management console ( Click “Options”


Step 2. Select “LDAP Configuration” from the left hand column. Click “New”


Step 3. Pick LDAP or LDAPS, for the purposes of this article I am using LDAP. Click “Next”


Step 4. Input a primary and secondary domain controller IP and port (:389 for LDAP). Enter in your root context (i.e. dc=domain,dc=com), the service account you setup in the prior article, it’s password, the domain alias, and change “User Search By” to “sAMAccountName”. Click “Check”.


Step 5. You should get  a popup like this showing a successful bind to AD. Click “OK”.


Step 6. Accept the default attributes and click “Next”


Step 7. Click “New Group” and add a group and role. In my case (and incorrect screenshot) I added a management group to define what AD users have Administrator access to MDM and also (not show) add a fictional users group with a “User” role that we will use later to apply our policies too.


Step 8. Click “Finish”


Step 9. Navigate to “Notification Server”, click “New”


Step 10. Click the Advanced Tab and input your email server information. Be sure to test your configuration and then click “OK”


Step 11. Navigate to “Notification Templates” and select “Enrollment Invitation”, click “Edit”


Step 12. Select the SMTP tab and input a “From” field.


Ok, thats it for this section. We now have LDAP configured and a group set as administrators for MDM, and a fictional group as “users” that we will later be applying our policies to. We configured our notification server and our Email Invitation Template, which we will leverage later to bring our client’s end devices under the authority of the MDM server.

Hope this helps somebody out there, please leave a comment!

If you would like to read the other parts in this article series please go to:


4 thoughts on “How To: XenMobile MDM 8.5 Deployment Part 2: Basic Configuration

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  3. Hi @ all,

    is there a way to get an automatic Information as soon as the device is enrolled to the admin-team.
    this would be a way of confirm that the enrollment was successfull for the user.

    Kind regards,

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