Tips From the Field: XenApp Pre-Launch and StoreFront 2.0

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of years you know what Pre-Launch is in a Citrix XenApp environment. It was, in my opinion, probably one of the best advancements with XenApp in the last couple of releases because it made the largest perceivable impact to the end user..that being the appearance of getting them to their data and apps QUICKER! If you were like me, that was one thing you dearly missed when StoreFront 1.2 came along and we slowly began transitioning from deploying ole’ faithful Web Interface to the snazzy new StoreFront. Well, did you know that pre-launch is back? A lot of people who I speak to don’t realize that it’s finally made its way back with StoreFront 2.0 and you should definitely be implementing it post-haste. One word to the wise though, it doesn’t work with XenDesktop 7 (yet!)..only XenApp 6.5..sorry early adopters.

So here’s how:

The magic is still in the Receiver for Windows client (4.0 in this case), and pre-launch is NOT enabled by default and it can not be enabled via the icaadmin.adm template either.  When you do your custom receiver command line install you want to be sure to include the /ENABLEPRELAUNCH=True. Details are also in eDocs. (Note: I tested it with just the switch and not injecting any registry keys and it worked fine). Also be sure to enable pass through authentication to make this behave properly, I cover that HERE.

Once you have pass through enabled, the icaadmin.adm configured to support it, Receiver 4.0 deployed with the /ENABLEPRELAUNCH=True, and a pre-launch application published in XenApp you will be golden.

So unless you’re in love with StoreFront 1.2 and its SQL requirements, lack of Pre-Launch, etc..get up to 2.0 ASAP!


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