Tips From the Field: Google Chrome

If you have a client or you yourself are wanting to install Google Chrome into your Citrix XenApp environment and are struggling with setting it up there are a few tips you should know. In my search these aren’t all readily available and consolidated, they also require some digging to find and sort out so hopefully this post can get you off on the right foot with all the information in one spot. Continue reading


Must Have Citrix Support Tools

If you run or regularly work with Citrix products like XenApp, XenDesktop, or XenServer (and more..) there are some tools out there that the “pro’s” use, and heck, even internal Citrix support — and they’re all available to the general public. Some history‚Ķso back in 2011 Citrix started their TaaS beta (Tools as a Service) with a goal of automating a lot of the support data collection and reporting and making it easier for their clients to troubleshoot issues in their environment. Not all of these roll up into TaaS/AutoSupport, but some of them do, and I’ve even included some that are just unofficial and unsupported scripts but help when troubleshooting various things. This article isn’t meant to be an in-depth deep dive into each product, but rather a high level overview. So hopefully if you weren’t familiar with some or all of these this post will help you…and maybe show you some you weren’t aware of. Continue reading